Environmental toxicology

Environmental toxicology editors: Mathuros Ruchirawat and Ronald C. Shank - Bangkok : Chulabhorn Research Institute ,c.1996 - 3 v

With support of United Nations Development Programme [UNDP] and Asian Development Bank [ADB]


Environmental toxicology--Outlines, syllabi, etc
Toxicology--Outlines, syllabi, etc.
Pollution--Environmental aspects--Outlines, syllabi, etc.
Chemical carcinogenesis--Outlines, syllabi, etc.
Hazardous substances--Outlines, syllabi, etc.
Target organs--Outlines, syllabi, etc.
Epidemiology--Outlines, syllabi, etc.
Risk assessment--Outlines, syllabi, etc.
Risk management--Outlines, syllabi, etc.
Pesticides--Toxicology--Outlines, syllabi, etc.
Industrial toxicology--Outlines, syllabi, etc.
Poisons--Outlines, syllabi, etc.

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